About Me

Hello and welcome to ABCD for Kids.

When you are a parent we all know that you are a parent for life.  But when my two daughters grew up and became independent I really missed spending my time with them as children.  I am obviously still Mum to them but they no longer need me to play with them and educate them.  For that reason, I have found myself working with children ever since and am now responsible for the care and education of children in Paris.

Through my experience over the years, I have discovered that children have an enthusiasm for learning which is stunning and, if approached in a way that stimulates them sufficiently they can learn their ABCD`s quickly and learn to read very easily – without it being an issue to them at all. Here at ABCD for Kids I hope that I can help you to interact with your kids to teach them the alphabet and make learning to read and spell a fun experience for both yourselves and your children.

Here you can find out about how you can let your children benefit from their enthusiasm for learning and give them the chance to learn their ABCD`s easily and have great fun at the same time.